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Cultural Activities

Cultural activities accessible from our Resort

The province of Karangasem where Amed is situated has nearly all of Bali’s major temples and culturally significant tour destinations.

Besakih (the Mother Temple)

BeBesakih Templesakih can be found half way up the majestic Mount Agung. This is the most important temple for all of the Balinese Hindu people and several times a year the temple comes to life with huge and colourful ceremonies.


Lempuyang Temple

Another temple of great significance to the Balinese is Lampuyang which can be seen on a hillside as you near Amed. It has recently been renovated and the white facade stands out against the tropical forests. By pass the main temple and continue up to the upper level and you will find yourself, at times, beyond the clouds.


Bali PalaceThe nearest town to Amed is Amlapura where you can visit the King’s Palace and on the way stop for a cool swim in the natural cold springs of Tirta Ganga Royal Water Palace. Continue through Amlapura and you will reach the old water gardens of Unjung. These too have recently undergone a face lift and are now restored to their former glory.

Aga Village

Bali AgaThere are only two Aga villages left in Bali and one of these is located just an hour away from Amed. The Aga people are infact the original people of Bali. They have a unique lifestyle and the village has been maintained in the old traditional ways.