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Adventure activities accessible from our Resort

Amed is probably most well known for being Bali’s best dive destination. There are a range of dives suitable for both beginners and the more advanced diver. You can dive shallow fringe reefs, dramatic drop offs and fascinating wrecks. There are also many easily accessible snorkeling spots around the Amed coastline. There are several good dive shops in the area, the most established being ECO DIVE and Jukung Dive.

Bali Diving

Also available now are glass bottom boat tours, a great opportunity for those who are not swimmers or snorkelers to see and experience the beautiful coral reefs and sea life.

For the more energetic traveler there are several trekking expeditions around Amed. Mount Agung is Bali’s highest volcano (3,142 meters) and if you leave from Anda Amed early in the morning you can climb to the peak in time for sunrise.

All around the Bali coastlines you have probably noticed the small fishing boats of the local people. The Indonesian word for these is Jukung. If you wish to see the picturesque bays and rugged mountain peaks of Amed from the sea or even go out with the locals for a spot of fishing this can also be arranged at Anda Amed Resort.

Motor bikes or bicycles are available for rent should you wish to pass a few days touring the local area in your own time.

We now have several fast boat services to the Gili Islands and Lombok. They leave early morning and arrive at Gili Trewangan an hour later and the other islands a little after that.

Another new edition to the area are cooking classes at the Bali Asli Restaurant. This is about a 25 minute drive from the resort into the countryside. Bali Asli is a traditionally built restaurant with wonderful views across the valley to the sea. The owner and chef is Savoy trained and holds a variety of one day Balinese Cooking Classes. These can be arranged by the staff at Anda Amed Resort.